News and Notices:

Cheat Lake Park Beach and Swim Area (Millstone Point Beach)
The beach and swim area were closed on August 23, 2023, and will remain closed until further notice.

UPDATE:  Lake Lynn Recreation Plan

In accordance with the FERC Project License, Lake Lynn Generation, LLC submitted an update of the Lake Lynn Recreation Plan to FERC in 2021. Click here to read or download a copy.

Park & Trail Information

On June 7, 2000, Allegheny Energy dedicated a new recreation spot in Monongalia County, W.Va., as a symbol of its commitment to the environment and the community. Located adjacent to its Lake Lynn Power Station and overlooking the picturesque Cheat Lake, Cheat Lake Park and Trail is a first-class facility that can be enjoyed by families from across the region.

In the 1920s, this 20-acre site was known as West Penn Beach, and employees were able to rent company-owned vacation cottages overlooking the lake. Today, visitors to the facility are welcome to bike or enjoy a nature walk along the 4.5-mile trail.The 12-foot-wide, handicapped accessible trail follows the Lake Lynn shoreline along an abandoned railroad right-of-way leading to a nature viewing area at the southern tip and a fishing platform near the station at the northern tip. To conserve, protect, and enhance the fishing area, we have partnered with the Department of Natural Resources to place recycled Christmas trees at the embayments and in the lake to provide a natural habitat for the fish. We also carefully monitor water quality in the lake, below the dam, and at Point Marion. Other attractions at Cheat Lake Park and Trail include a children’s play area, picnic sites, boat docking facilities, and a free motor boat launch at the Sunset Marina. Our policy is to share our land resources with the public at locations suitable for such purposes. And we play a leading role in ensuring that these areas are compatible with the environment.

Directions to Cheat Lake Park & Trail

From the North: Travel south on US 119 to Uniontown. Just south of Uniontown, Pa., take the Morgantown exit from US 119 to PA 43 South. PA 43 is a toll road requiring 75 cents. It terminates near Gans, Pa. At the last exit of PA 43, turn left toward PA 857.  Turn right on PA 857and follow into WV to Morgan Run Road. (Watch for Morgan Run Road after you pass the very sharp hair-pin turn at Darnell Hollow on PA 857.)  Turn right on Morgan Run Road. It is a very narrow road that becomes a one-lane road at some locations. Watch for the one-lane bridge. Morgan Run Road terminates at Cheat Lake Park.

From the South: Take the Cheat Lake exit from US I-68. Turn left on WV 857 to Morgan Run Road, then turn left onto Morgan Run Road.  It is a very narrow road that becomes a one-lane road in some locations. Watch for the one-lane bridge. Morgan Run Road terminates at Cheat Lake.